Ever since I was a little girl I have had this big ole thick hair. I remember my Mom washing my hair in the sink and hating every minute of it... and even worse was the combing out the tangles .. ouch! I used to ask my Mom why did I get this messed up hair why didn't I get straight thin hair like you and her reponse was one day you will be thankful for all this hair. Well she was right I am 40 years old and I finally embrace this big thick mane!
 With me growing up in a predominately white school I always tried to keep my hair tamed. So I could look like everyone else. I did't realize that be being unique didn't make me weird it made me special .I remember getting my first relaxer at 15 I thought I was in heaven.. not realizing the damage I was doing to my hair. For years I spent countless hours and money in the beauty shop trying to acheive what I thought was idea of beauty. Not only was I trying to conform with my surroundings I was pleasing people in my family that view natural as Nappy or Uncombed.  Don't get me wrong I like getting my hair straightened once in while to show off the length but I have learned how to embrace my natural. No more do I have to cringe when  I see it raining outside. It's a very liberating feeling ! 
  I am in love with this natural movement..websites like Naturally Curly are embracing the diversity that is really a gift from God.  I love that I can look on Instagram , Facebook and You Tube and find product reviews with people that have the same curl type I do.  When I look in the mirror on big ole frizzy hair day.. I now sing that Shameless Maya. I don't care about my frizzy hair and I rock those curls frizz and all honey!

Ok now that I am off my little soap box testifying! I would like to share the products that I am currently using .

Tresemme Flawless Curls- I use this as a co-wash and I leave a little in to comb through
Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner
Cantu Curling Cream
Organic Coconut Oil
Eco Argan Gel- I smooth this over all hair after other products have been applied.

And this would be the finished product! I switch of my products from time to time because guess what ?? Natural Girl now have options!

End of the day 100% dry!