Today I will not be talking about fashion but another subject that is a constant in my life and that is weight management.  I lost 45lbs on the Weight Watchers plan but after having a hysterectomy back in March I have since gained 6lbs back.  I would like to use that as the only excuse but I haven't be religious on tracking and to make matters worse my gym closed in May.  It was an all womens gym that I loved and had been there for my entire weight loss journey .Their classes were awesome and even more awesome was women being supportive of each other.
So Monday  I decided I was getting back on track.. I walked / ran with my 12 years on son for 3miles.. mostly walked I'm not going to lie!  Than Tuesday walked 3miles with my sister. I am now in the same mind set I was in when I started my journey at 206 lbs.. yeah honey I said 206 I own that number because I don't ever want to see that number again.. ever .. ever!  Most importantly I have start packing my lunch again with healthy snacks. From previous experiance I know there are going to be days  fall off a little but most important thing is getting back on that healthy bus.  I am ready to get this 6lbs off and maybe a little more.

The pic on right is me @200 a couple of years ago...the one on left is me at 156 back in May.