This past weekend was an Awesome weekend. The simple things can really turn into memorable moments to treasure. I usually call one of my sisters to see if they want to get a little exercise in when I didn't get an answer I call my Mom to see if she would like to walk she accepted but of course I had to wait until she watches Dr Stanley . Dr Stanley is a pastor that is based out of Georgia that comes on Sunday mornings. My Mom hipped me to him a while back and to my pleasant surprise I found his messages to be very inspiring. After my Mom called I talked to both my sisters and when they found out our Mom was going they were immediately in. It was a beautiful day and just having us all there made it even more beautiful . We walked at a slower place but that was ok it gave us more time to take in the moment.  As I have learned after recently losing a loved one that these simple days are to be treasured.  As I get older I find there is nothing more precious than those small moments.

The shirt that I wore that day has Awesomeness on it . If I would have worn this shirt 20 years ago or even 10 years ago I would have been so paranoid on how people would take this shirt. Now at 40 years old.. I could give a crap... I always heard the older you get the less you care about other peoples opinions. Well I think I'm pretty awesome. I love my family, I'm a good mother, I love life and I am child of God  and that makes me the essence of Awesomeness! It's funny when I was at my prime... I felt the worst about myself.. Now settling into middle age I more self confidence than I ever had. It's a great feeling.. I don't care that my butt is big..I am shaped like a pear.. I got my big curly hair .. take me or leave me it's your choice but I am going to be me. All those things make me special ... they make me Mary!