On the way to work today I was listening to the radio and a caller called in saying how when she talked to her friends she was always negative and finally one of her friends said to her "Every time I talk to you are negative don't you have anything good in your life?" She refused to talk to her friend unless everyday she could tell her 5 things that are going right in her life.  The caller agreed to this and did it for a month and found out that it completely changed her life.  I related to this on so many levels when I talk to my friends I am always complaining about something instead of looking at the good things that in my life. How easy it is so lose site of all you blessings by reflecting on what is going wrong instead of what is going right.  So I told told my 13 year old son this morning we are going to do this every night . I want you to come home tonight and tell me 5 things that are going well in your life and Mommy will do the same.  Don't let anyone tell you who or what you are. The words that you speak to yourself are the most important ones that you hear.

My 5 Good Things about Today

1)I feel great!
2) Pumpkin Coffee is back at Dunkin Donuts! whomp whomp!
3) I had a great conversation with a frien
4) My daughter said she loved me today!
5) God has blessed us with a beautiful day

Change your mindset.. and change you life !

What are your 5 things?