Friday night 2 weeks ago.. my sister kept calling me . I remember looking at my phone saying what does she want I am trying to wash my hair. If you see how big my hair is than you understand what a chore this can be.  I finally answered my phone and she said she has something for me.. Now why didn't she say so before.. LOL. She got 4 dresses from Carson's 2 for me and 2 for her and only spend $10 out of her pocket.  I am not talking about some el cheapo dresses I am talking about Vince Camuto dresses and other name brands.  One of the dresses she got me was seriously reg $165.00 and it was on special for $14.97 and she had a coupon they had sent her spend $50 get $50 off.. now why in the heck didn't I get one of these coupons?  How nice was it that my little sis got me 2 dresses and she knew my exact style.. It just brings a tear to my eye.. I have raised her well.. LOL
This is one of the dresses that she picked I just love the colors the material is so nice and flowy I can totally see me adding a jacket to transition into the fall. This dress was normally $98.00 . I just love it and couldn't wait to wear it. Now that is what I call sisterly love! 
Dress - Vince Camuto- Carson's- gift 
Bag - Call it Spring  - Jcpenney - $35 last year
Shoes - Lauren Conrad - Kohl's (old)
Necklace - Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's ( old)