I seriously can't believe its Sunday all ready say it isn't so! I am not ready for that running around . Luckily I was able to get some rest and relaxation in.
My look was this super cute tshirt that I actually won on Instagram from Curvy Girls n Curls and Dynasmiles giveaway. What I love about this t shirt is it giving the message to embrace your body as well as your natural hair both were an issue for me growing up. I was self conscious about my big behind and big curly frizzy hair. Wearing this shirt is me saying" Hey this is me and I love me!"
I love women who embrace and encourage women to accept what makes you unique.  So ladies I am Curvy and Curly and I embrace them both! I decided to wear a black midi skirt to highlight the curves with my yellow wedges I picked up from Clothes Mentor here in Fort Wayne and Honey my Curvy n Curly look was born. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and remember to embrace everything that makes u the awesome person you are