If follow my blog or follow me on Instagram you know how much I just love to shop and there is nothing I like more than showing off my fashionable finds.  Honey if I find a $2 skirt I want you know about it... so you can get one too! LOL.  With it being a brand new year I thought this would be the perfect time to start a weekly segment " Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell "  . This would be all about me check them out and let you know what I found . me showcasing the deals and fashionable finds  I will pick out a store every week and highlight some of the deals I found and my favorite iteshowing and telling all about any deals or items I have simply fell in love with at some of my favorite stores It's kind of like we are shopping together only you don't have to carry those bags or find a parking space which can kind of be a challenge this time of year.

This week I decided that I would shop Jcpenney's . Now I have shopped at Jcpenney's ever since I was little . I usually find pretty good deals there ,which you know that is what I am all about. Jcpenney is having a pretty good clearance sale going on so if you are in the market for boots,coats , hats, slippers you might want to pay them a visit.  So let me start showing and telling! LOL

Kissy Top- Bisou Bisou - $27.99 - this top would be the perfect top to wear on Valentine's Day.How cute are those kissy lips?
Hat-in store - $19.00 - I love this hat it is so on trend and I thought $19 was a decent price.
Jacket - Worthington - $48.99 - I love love this jacket they were out of med so I tried on the small. The material of this jacket is so soft and quality .I did leave it because I need a medium and I am going to need this to go a little cheaper. lol..
Patterned Skirt and Top - Bisou Bisou $21.99 each piece- in case you haven't figured it out this brand is one of my favorites.  I have many of these style of skirts but I feel in love with the bright colors and when paired with the top it has illusion that it is dress just add a wide belt and ladies you got yourself a dress!
Red Bow Purse - Call It Spring- What is not to love about this purse . It's red and it has a bow on it.. so cute and would look adorable with that . shirt!
Peplum Top-Bisou Bisou $10- these scuba type peplums have been a staple in my wardrobe. I have so many of these and wear them to death. They are so flattering and can be styled so many ways bring one of those old pencil skirts back to life with this little top.
Plaid Shoes - Arizona - these shoes are adorable and at $12.99 ( in store ) what a steel and a perfect way to make those jogger pants look even cuter!
Gold Shoes- Jada Brave- These shoes look even better in person and they are $19.99 in the store. At least at my store. Perfect shoe for a night out on the town.
Slouchy Boots- Olsenboye- I just love these slouchy boots and price is righti! In our local store the price is $19.99 and they come in tan also.. At that price you must pick up both!

I hope you like all my finds and please like my page Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell and let me know what stores you would like me to visit! Have a great rest of the week my fabulous Fashionista's !