Hello 2015, a brand new year with so many possibilities. A clean slate a perfect time to start the process of reinventing oneself. I am on a mission of sorts the name of mission " Finding Mary Frances"  #fmf. So now you know my deep dark secret my middle name is Frances. LOL. Growing up that name was not the least bit  appealing to me . All while growing up I felt like I had a nun's name... Sister Mary Frances. A nun I am not I can assure you of that LOL.  I was named after both of my Grandmother's and my Mom's name is Frances also so now at 42 I couldn't be more honored to carry such a special name because honey those ladies are most certainly one tough act to follow.

I have been kind of quiet over the holiday season.  My family is going through a very tough time. My step father is battling stage 4 cancer. It is a very ugly disease and we watch him get weaker and weaker but through all of this one thing this is constant is their faith. My Mom.. ( Frances ) what a loving mother and wife she is.  I have learned in the past few months that tomorrow is never promised you never know what your path will be .  I feel I have gained a new appreciation for life and I want to experience life... not just go though it..  So this next 12 months will be all about me finding myself getting out of my comfort zone trying new things.  Weather it's a new fitness class that I have never tried or visiting new places I want to find my happy place! 

I am wishing you all a very Happy New Year ! I wish you happiness, good health and love !