With the first full week of January 2015 coming upon us. I am trying to figure how long it will take me to write 2015 on everything. Oh those January problems... LOL.  I had a good few days off work I was able to spend some quality time with the kiddies and family. I even was able to have a girls night out and it was fabulous to let me hair down a little don't we all need that once in a while.

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a little shopping with my baby girl(yeah she's 16). I was able to score some DKNY jeans reg $69 for only $19.97 at Carson's this weekend now you know me I am very seldom out getting jeans I am a dress kind of girl but how could I pass this awesome deal up and the they fit great and all you pear shaped girls know that when you find a jean that fits well.. u need to go ahead and scoop those up. I used to sleep on Carson's but they are really convincing me that there are deals to be had! LOL .

Now with it being the New Year you can't help but to think about getting healthier. I was really trying to do this during the holiday season but with all the cookies and treats around the office it is almost impossible.  So I am ready to get back in the swing and have been working on fitness for the past few weeks. Now I don't know about you but cute gym clothes give me more incentive to get to the gym so  I have listed some cute little gym clothes that I want in my closet immediately because honey this girl needs all the motivation she can get!

Weekend Look
Pants- Jcpenney - Joe Fresh (last year)
Top - Jcpenney - Bisou Bisou
OTK Boots - Simply Vera Boots - Kohls - I love these boots so comfy with perfect heal height and compliments everytime I wear them!
Sweater - Carson's
Bag- H&M

1 & 2- Performance Tee-Kohl's - I just love positive motivation and what can get you going but words that give you that little boost of confidence.  Believe in your Selfie! How cute is that.. and Awesomeness. You must speak it to believe it and only $6.99! Yes and Yes!
3 - Fila - Performance Fleece  - I already have a very similar black jacket like this and I love it.  It washes up very nicely and keeps me oh so cozy so now I am needing a white one in my life. As cold as it is in Indiana this jacket is perfect to keep you warm when heading out to the gym.
4-Fila Skimmer pant - As you can see I love this Fila line because there are some super cute pieces and they are affordable. These pattern pants are 2 cute and I must have them..lol
5-Active Pattern Pants - Old Navy - Now I was able to score these these awesome pants for $10 this weekend . I was a little leery because of the light color but they were way 2 cute to pass up and $10 ... it was a yes!
6-Active Tank- Old Navy - This was another purchase.. I can and I will... Oh yes this went home with me and for only $9 .. Score!
7-Mesh Top with Keyhole Back- Xersion - I just love this top from Jcpenney.  It is made out of mesh and you can wear a sports bra under it . I love working out in this material it gives a little coverage and you can stay cool at the process .
8- Nike Free 5.0- Footlocker- These shoes are perfection I want them so bad but this is something that I have to earn. I am so cheap... oh I mean frugal and in order for me to justify spending $110 on some shoes I will have to put in some work.. so I am thinking when I lose 15lbs than I will have earned these shoes.. so stay tuned.