I decided to get my Mama flowers for Mother's day  well kind of .. I ended up getting her this pretty flowered dress that I found at you guessed it Jcpenney.  I love buying women I care about pretty dresses especially on Mother's day because after all it's their day and they deserve to feel beautiful. It has been an extremely difficult year for my sweet mother she just lost her husband in January and it was even more important to me that she feel pretty  . When I saw this dress in the store it screamed Frances (my mama) to me.  She was very happy with the dress .. I guess they don't call me the "Dress Whisperer " for nothing .. LOL

 Dress Liz Claiborne - Jcpenney

I am no different than my Mom I want to wear a new dress on this special day . I am a Mother also and you know that there isn't a job that is harder than that.  When you become a Mother is truly a job that never ends . You worry about them even as they get older and that mothering instinct never goes away . You hurt when they hurt. You want to protect them from everything and you know that is just not possible . It takes a lot of love, patience and trust in God.

I decided to wear my dress from the Milly Collection at Kohl's .  I love the classic pattern and the flattering cut of this dress. I felt so feminine and the fabric felt great against my skin. 

Today was an awesome day surrounded by my family and taking it all in.  I hope you Mother's had a fabulous day  ... you deserve to be happy and feel pretty .

My Look
Dress - Milly Collection via Kohl's
Bag - Call it Sping - Jcpenney