Have you ever saw a dress or some other clothing item and you know immediately that you are going to fall in love with it?  I knew that was the situation with this dress the first time I laid my eyes on it in Carson's that is exactly why I wouldn't try it on . It wasn't on sale it was $130 and this girl does not spend that type of money on one dress.. Some call it frugal or cheap I just know I don't have  it like that .. This mama has bills to pay and kids to raise.  I always joke with my sisters that if Jesus wants me to have it than it will be there when it goes on sale. ... and guess what he must have wanted me to have it because I got this fabulous dress for $47 ... now that is what I call a score !
I was so in love with this dress that I felt like it deserved a full out photo shoot.  The talented photographer Rick Miller that I recently met decided that we would meet in downtown Fort Wayne. It was a awesome time with some great photographs.  During one of the shots Rick told me to act like I was waiting for Limo and a little bit later a Limo drove by and was captured in the picture .I call that divine intervention or maybe it was a fluke with it being  prom season ... but I like divine intervention better.  You know kind of like that dress thing! LOL

How about you ladies.. Have you found an item that you felt like you just had to have and you ended up waiting it out and getting it at a steal? Don't you just love when that happens? I know I do .. like a kid on Christmas morning...

 My Look
Dress Eliza J via Carson's
Bag - Call it Spring via Jcpenney's
Shoes - Jada Brave - Jcpenney (old)

Photography - Rick Miller