I love a good jumpsuit they just say chic and stylish and not to mention it's so easy it's like one and done and I am all about making life more simple.  I am pear- shaped girl so honey the struggle can be real when trying to find that jumpsuit that will work on the bottom and the top.  When I saw this classy denim style jumpsuit from the Gabriel Union line at New York and Company I was crossing my fingers that it would work well on my body.   Lucky for me it was a Yass! What I love the most about her new line is that comes in plus and petite so it accommodates all body types!    

When I saw the preview of the Gabriel Union a while ago I knew that this jumpsuit was going to be on my list when I saw Lisa Vidal from Being Mary Jane rocking it! It gives you classy feel but totally on trend and I am all about that life. 

I absolutely love that Gabriel featured her co-stars on Being Mary Jane in this line. I mean one of my favorite shows and it really brings home the idea of this line being for every body type! 

 This jumpsuit can be styled so many ways by just changing up the accessories. I could keep it a little more casual by wearing a cute pair of sneaker or a wedge heel. 

I decided to add my sandals from the Eva Mendes line and my beaded earrings and clutch for bring some color into the equation.  I feel like this would be a look that would be perfect for a night out with the \ girls or date night with your boo. 

 As  I said I was stalking this jumpsuit waiting for it to come out but there also another piece that I was anticipating. Can you guess which one that is? I will be posting it next week so stay tuned. 

 I love that various stores have this amazing celebrity lines so everyday women like myself can feel like we are rocking what the celebrities are at an affordable price.  I love that I see Gabriel Union in these streets wearing her line it tells me that these are pieces that she really likes! 

              What about you Fashionista's have you checked out the new Gabriel Union line? 

                                     You can check out direct links to this look below!

                   As always I want to thank you for stopping by it means so much to me!

                                                 XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie