Hello, Lovelies! Well, here it is already the end of January and time for me to collaborate with my Fab 40 friends.  If this is your first time visiting than I will fill you in on what the Fab 40's is.  We are a group of bloggers from really around the world that come together once and month and come up a particular theme and create our own interpretation. 

This month it was the gorgeous Daenel turn to choose the theme and to my delight, she selected our favorite decades. I knew immediately that I was going to choose the 70's because after all the best is the 70's because that is when this girl was born! LOL no seriously I have a pair of bell bottoms that I picked up a while ago that were waiting to be worn. 

When I think of the 70's I think of a time of freedom, disco nights and let's not forget the Elvis Aloha from Hawaii concert. I mean I was only one year old but I slightly remember! LOL . I am just a fan of the bell bottoms, platform shoes those amazing jumpsuits. I am saying yes to all of that. 

 I found these amazing jeans at my local Steinmart (here)before I even knew about this months theme. I fell in love with the bell bottoms but also those amazing snaps at the bottom. So cute and on trend but also giving a nod to the 70s. 

When I saw this top from the Kohl's Pop Sugar line (here) I knew that this would be the perfect top for these jeans. I just love the split on the sleeves and the red trim. 

Luckily the booties are some that I have had for a while. I have such a thing for red booties that I actually own three pairs. I felt that this Apt 9 pair(here) with the wood heel worked very well for this more casual vibe. 

Daenel -Living Outside the Stacks - selected the '50s and I am loving the whole edgy June Cleaver vibe she is giving with the ladylike shape of the dress but at the same time giving us a little mystery. 

Suzy -Suzy Turner -  decided to go with the '40s and these pants are to die for. During that time period, women started to come out of there box wearing wide leg pants. It was kind of a revolution. I love the floral combo very reminiscent of the 1940s 

Jennie -A Pocketful of Polka Dots - is giving us the 50's with a sexy mad men kind of housewife vibes. I am totally obsessed with this color combo and a huge fan of her amazing hair color.

Shelbee - Shelbee on the Edge- I just love the 60s fashion and so does Shelbee. This look is taking me back to that fun times and this dress was the perfect way to take me back to that time period. 

Sheela - Sheela Writes - Every month I am always I wait to see the drama of Sheela's look and she did
not disappoint. She gave us the 80's better than I have ever seen it. A little punk meets the boardroom! I am totally in love with this look! 

Well, there you have another month and another theme with some pretty amazing ladies!

Thank you so much for stopping by!