Hello, my lovelies! Happy 2019 we have been blessed with another year another chance to get it right. It's funny I had all these intentions of finishing off 2018 with a bang on my blog but the truth is your girl has been a little burned out. Sometimes it's a struggle to balance everything so I took advantage of the downtime of the holidays and spent time with my family and enjoyed my daughter being home from college and let me tell you it was really nice! 

So now I can come back well rested with more content and also exploring different areas of my life on the blog. Because this girl has plenty more to chirp about and can't wait to share.

It is no secret that I love a jumpsuit and I love them, even more, when I get one for under $10 and that was the case fun floral one from Old Navy.  Now there is an even better story about this particular jumpsuit.  This one really touches my heart. 

 This weekend I was out shopping with my Mom and sister. I specifically went to Old Navy to take advantage of the $12 sale on their compression pants. I love their active wear and am currently in the mode of getting my life right and working out and eating healthier which you will be hearing about in upcoming posts.  I did see this cute jumpsuit that was marked down to $13.49 and you also an extra 30 % off now that is a serious deal. However, I told myself I am going to do better with my shopping habits in 2019 so I put it back.  Well, my Mom commented on how cute she thought the jumpsuit looked on me but I told her I just don't need it to( look at me trying to do better!) Well, my sweet Mama ended up going back to the store and surprising me with this jumpsuit.  It's the little things that you don't forget the kind gestures that mean the word to you. Thanks, Mama!

I had a vision of the look I would create with this jumpsuit when I saw it in the store. Originally I thought I would style this with a white jacket and these same green shows but instead I opted for this light grey trench jacket that I picked up from HM a while ago for $6 yes you heard me right $6 now that has to be the best deal of the year well so far anyway. I love the chic feminine vibes this is giving me. 

I can definitely see me taking this jumpsuit into the warmer month with a cute pair of sandals. I love finding deals but when it's something that I can take from season to season that just makes this girl get giddy!  You can shop this look below and more similar options.

I really and excited about the new year I believe that I needed to regroup think about starting fresh in so many areas in my life. I have really been struggling with different things such as my health and fitness so I have once again started to go to Weight Watchers and have been hitting the gym. Which I know with help me with mental health as well. During these cold months, it's easy to find yourself in a blue funk with the lack of sunshine and vitamin D. 

I also have been a little sad thinking about having an empty nest with my son graduating this year. It will be a difficult transition for me.  I keep asking myself what's next for me in this chapter? I am sure this is a discussion that I will go into deeper this year on the blog but I would love any tips from people that have been through this? 

                     I want to thank you as always for stopping by it means so much to me! Let's make 2019 the best yet! I am speaking this into reality! 

XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie