Tis the season for parties and family gatherings and that is right up my alley. This look was from Christmas Eve and my significant other was the photograper.  My beautiful kids get a vacation from all these pics.. lol and they are overjoyed.. LOL .

I indulged in so many glasses of eggnog over the past week after I discovered Eggnog with a shot of Crown Royal... who knew this was so delicious.. and so sinful at this sametime. Well I drunk my last glass of eggnog last night and I am officially back on track on my healthy eating.

I hope you all had a very happy Holiday . Mine was filled with family and lots a love and that is exactly the way it's supposed to me.

Skirt - Carson's Kensie skirt $10 . I got this while it was 50% off and a $20 coupon! Score!!
Sweater- Target Merona Sweater  $15
Shoes- Kohl's Lauren Conrad Shooties - Gift
Tights - New York and Company $8
Necklace - New York and Company $6