I like the idea of looking forward not looking back in that review mirror.. However before heading into the new year there are many things I would like to look back on these past 12 months. I had a year full of ups and downs.. My life as a woman changed in March. I had a hysterectomy for me that was an emotional event. It's not that I wanted anymore kids I have a boy and girl but just knowing that it is no longer an option. It makes you feel a certain type of way. On a good note in August I started my blog after jumping on the Instagram "ootd" train earlier in the year. This has turned out to such an awesome thing for me. I get to talk about my 2 favorite subjects.. fashion and great deals! LOL . As I head into 2014 I am faced with some medical issues but I am going to focus on the positive and trust in God. My Mother always tells me to "Trust in God, he has never let us down" . Even though we didn't grow up with much... We were wealthy in our faith and love. Happy New Year friends! I believe 2014 will be the best one ever!

Favorite Looks from 2013