I was so fortunate to have a 3 day weekend.  I stumbled on some awesome finds this weekend which made the time off even better. I took my hunting to Clothes Mentor right here in Fort Wayne. For all you fashionista's that haven't heard of Clothes Mentor I am about to give you the ultimate bargain fashion scoop( thank me later). They are a resale shop that buys and sells  gently used fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories. The awesome thing about this is you can get all those name brand items that love but you refuse to pay department store prices for. You can also sell some of the items that you once loved but have no use for any longer and get cash on the spot or add some cute stuff to your closet!

I took some pics while in the store to show you some of the fashion finds they have a available,. This really is a small portion.. you need to come in the store for the full experience.  I  have included pricing below just so you can see how reasonable they really are. The last look is actually a jacket I purchased there for $6 . This is an Apt 9 cheetah jacket from Kohl's . . What I love about this jacket (aside of the obvious fact that it's cheetah) just throwing this jacket on with a simple top and jeans I changed my entire look and it only cost me $6 to do so. Also check them out on Facebook and Instagram for some new arrivals and great finds. Over the next few days I will feature some of the great pieces from Clothes Mentor I added to my closet and how I styled them... so stay tuned :) I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!   

For all you fashionistas that bring in one of my blog posts with items featured from Clothes Mentor you can get double punches not just on Sunday! If you are new to Clothes Mentor.. For every $10 you spend you get punch on you key chain..when it's filled you get $10 off!  How awesome is that?