With it being so cold here in Indiana... you kind of get out of the mood to dress up. I am just trying to stay warm over here. This morning I decided lets put the cords away and style this little chambray dress up. I want to feel pretty today but I want to be warm also. So this look was born. I have had this little Old Navy dress for month. I got it for $4 so after organizing my closet this past weekend . I decided today was the day I would get my moneys worth.. lol. I matched it with my a scarf that I have had for a while. Since its so cold here I decided to wear my long socks over some pattern tights I had. So this casual Midwest look was born...

Dress - Old Navy $4
Scarf- Old Navy (old)
Boots -Candies from Kohls
Tights and Socks -Vera Wang Kohls
Bracelet- Macy's (Christmas gift )