Let me tell you it is cold here in Indiana.. We are currently at 10 degrees and that is supposed to be the high.. so taking these pics outside this morning was a little crazy!! I opted for some pants with this shirt instead of my original plan of wearing a skirt!  I love this shirt it is from my haul from Clothes Mentor in Fort Wayne  it is Jones of New York and I love the fit , the pattern and it was only $6 .  I like the fact  that you can go there and get tops in all kind of different styles and not have to spend a lot of money and you know that is what I am about.. just call me a frugal fashionista. I can think of at least 3 different ways I can style this top which even makes it  a better deal! If you need staple pieces I am telling you really should try Clothes Mentor so you don't have to break the bank.. and that also means you get more.. and I don't know about you guys but Curly Byrdie likes more! I  decided to pair this with my red Kardashion Kollection pants. I have had these pants for about a year and never worn them. They were hiding in my closet and were rediscovered recently. I just love when that happens!

For all you fabulous ladies that didnt' see my last post .  If you show a copy of one of my  posts  that feature any of the items from Clothes Mentor you can get double punches on your key chains. If you are not familiar with Clothes Mentor I will put you in the know. You get a punch for every $10 you spend and once you fill up the key chain you get a free $10 ! So if you show this post than you get 2 punches for the price of one! I like those kinds of deals!  Also if you have any items hiding in the back of your closet bring them in for cash or get some more goodies!  Have a wonderful day fashionita's !

Shirt - Clothes Mentor - Jones of New York  $6
Pants- Sears - Kardashian Kollection  ( old)
Boots - Kohls ( old)
Jacket - Kohls Elle (old)
Necklance - New York and Company $6
Ring - H&M $3