The weather in Indiana has been a little frightful these past few days.  We got at least a foot of snow and the cold has been blistering. The kids were supposed to return to school on Monday but they have had an extended Christmas vacation. My 15year old daughter is overjoyed but my son says he's bored and ready to see his friends.  We actually spent some quality time together being snowed in it was really nice . I got some things organized and discovered a some great workout videos to assist me with my 2014 goal to fit in a bikini.. I want to be there by June 1st we will see. I always was the chubby little girl.. even when I probably could have wore a bikini I was just not confident enough to do so.. so this is about not only getting my body right but my self esteem up there also. Why are we as woman always so critical of ourselves?

I was lucky enough to find some fitness videos on You Tube . One that stood out was Blogilates. I love these workouts they are very effective . I am still feeling the pain of the Muffin Top workout.. I love the fact that there is an App on the playstore that even has a calender that you can purchase for $1.  You really should check it out!  I love to hear any tips or tricks you ladies may be using to get in shape this year. 

With January being such a busy month for me workwise .. son's basketball sceduale. I don't want to make any excuses on me not getting a workout in. I will rely heavily on working out at home and my Zumba classes. 

I purchased this Jumpsuit in a size Small.. it was $6 and I thought.. u know what I am going to buy this and fit into it.. 1st stop Jumpsuit...and than let's get to that Bikini! So I plan on taking pic every other week in this Jumpsuit to gage my progress because right now if I sit down I am going to have major wardrobe malfunction and that would not be cute!