Monday had arrived once again! Doesn't it seem like the week just moves by at snails pace and the weekend is just flashes by soooo fast. Well I decided this morning I was going to hop out of bed and try and make this the most productive week ever.

I weighed in this Saturday and I was exactly the same as I was about 4 weeks ago. I am ok with that because last Monday is day I started to track and get my exercise back on track. The weeks prior to that I had basically been eating what I wanted and getting limited exercise in. I had been working crazy hours and they were catering all kind of delicious food that was not so good for you. So me staying the same.. I'm okay with that for now. So last week was a little bit of a struggle . My honey's birthday was Wednesday and of course we go out to dinner . I did fall off the wagon but I got right back on it the next day. Life happens and you have to know how to climb back on that wagon. I wanted to fill you in on the some of the healthy treats I found that help me when I get that sweet craving. Oh I get those quite often .

Fiber One 90 Calorie Bar- Cinnamon Coffee Cake
This is soft and delicious! It is perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning and only 2 WW points!

Dole Dippers- Dark Choc Banana Dippers
If you love dark choc like I do this is the perfect treat and only 100 calories and 2 WW points!

Fruttare- Strawberry Juice Bar
If you are a Strawberry lover this is definitely your dessert. This taste like real strawberries!
Only 60 calories and 2 WW points

Now a post would not be a post without some fashion finds! I had been looking for a comfy pair of shoes that I could kick around on the weekend. I wanted some simple gym shoes with a little jazz to them and that's exactly what this Arizona shoes . They are a muted gold that will look so cute with capri pants, shorts and even a little dress as pictured below. They also come in hot pink

My 2nd fashionable find comes from Jcpenney also that would be this super cute Bisou Bisou peplum top. I just love the vibrate pink color and the texture of the fabric is so stylish. This light weight material is perfect for the spring and summer weather . I think I will have to invest in the orange as well.

Have a awesome week people! Let's speak it into existence!

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