Now as many of you know I am usually posting about my clothing finds but today I am chirping about something different. While focusing on so many other things in my life I have really been slacking on being healthy. Instead of planning my meals and tracking . I have been just going with the flow and basically just eating what I want . Now that I have moved and work has slowed down I have no excuse . So I decided to to get back on track starting today. Now I am not going to be one of  those people that post a picture of everything I eat but I will share some of my food finds and maybe even talk about a great workout I discovered. So Monday will be my day to share my highs and lows of the week and also share any little tips and tricks that I stumble across. I would love anyone to comment with anything that they have found helpful. We are just woman that want to be our best version of ourselves. I am not trying to be a super model.. I just want to be the best Curlybyrdie I can.

So on my first Monday of sharing healthy tips. I wanted to share a tasty item I just found this weekend. I was in the grocery stocking up on my "heathly food" I found this Jimmy Dean Chorizo Chicken Sausage. OMG this stuff is amazing. I love Chorizo and this sausage gives you the right amount of kick and 3 links are only 120 cal and for all you Weight Watchers .. only 3pts. I had mine with egg whites Sargento Thin Pepper Jack Cheese and Kroger brand Slimwich bun . This was a tasty breakfast for only 6pts ( only used 2 links) .  This was sandwich was delicious and satisfying.