I and beyond thrilled that it is finally Friday!  I am looking forward to a Mother's Day weekend  spending time with my babies .. I mean my teenagers they would like me to clarify they are no longer babies. I can't believe that my daughter is going for her first job interview.. Wow I feel old and she tells me that all the time! LOL.

I am loving this Bisou Bisou floral skirt so much. The midi length skirt that can you adjust the length and you know how I am about getting more bang for your buck. I had seriously been stalking it about a month before I made the purchase. There was also a little Byrdie ( my sister)  in my family that was also lusting after this skirt. It's so funny I am on the phone with her and she proceeds to tell me about this super cute midi skirt from Jcpenney that she wanted... I am like I know exactly which skirt and I already got it..they are no more at the store. LOL.. Sisterly love you can't beat it!  I decided to keep it in the family and match it up with Bisou Bisou peplum top that I love so much . That is my " It's 80 degrees finally look" .

Now last but certainly not least I wanted to fill you in some healthy finds that I found to help me with this journey to get back on the weight loss wagon.

Fiber One - Caramel Sea Salt Bar- 90 cal and 2ww points
These have a great flavor gives you the sweet and salty taste which I love. These would be awesome warmed up with some cool whip.

Emerald Breakfast on the go Smores flavor- 200 calories 5ww points
These are delicious with the granola and cocoa almonds . I give this a double thumbs up. Would be great sprinkled on some yogurt.

Folgers Mocha Swirl Coffee - I love love this stuff . Tastes like a cupcake and add some sugar free creamer . ( I added sugar free vanilla caramel) I felt like I was seriously cheating . It get rid of the sweet craving which I need something that will do that quite often.

Now I weight in tomorrow at Weight Watchers. I was disappointed in my .8 weight loss last week and I am hopping for at least a 1lb this week. I tracked most days.. not everyday. I will do better next week . What healthy finds or tips do you have to share ? I would love to hear from you.

Outfit Details

Skirt - Bisou Bisou midi  Jcpenney $15 (coupon) they are out of the floral online. Try the store you may get lucky
Top - Bisou Bisou peplum top Jcpenney $10 (coupon)
Shoes - Macy's (old)
Bag - Ora Delphine Adele Satchel ( gift)

FYI - Jcpenney is having an awesome Mother's Day sale this weekend . Here is a 10 off 25 coupon!

Happy Shopping !