This weekend turned out to be a really wonderful one. I got some work in and I also got some relaxation time in.  My schedule is most pretty hectic most of time with these 2 teenage kids. So it was really nice to get a chance to smell the roses.
On Sunday my luv took my son and I out to brunch. Hanging out with 2 handsome guys on a Sunday morning . It couldn't get better than that. It was kind of a cool morning here in Indiana so I opted for my Loft mint skinny jeans and my Loft Periwinkle top. I scored both of these pieces at Clothes Mentor here in Fort Wayne. I matched these 2 colors together on a whim. I love how following other fashion blogs and my favorite Instagram friends I am starting think a little out the box. I topped it off with my Lauren Conrad periwinkle wedges that were also a find at Clothes Mentor . I love that store , so many treasures at such great prices. You guys know that is right up my frugal alley!
My 2nd look is my Monday workflow look. It's a drag getting up for work on Monday's but I find if I have a cute outfit to look forward to it makes is a little easier.  I got this dress from Kohl's some time ago but they also had a Black and White version that I also have in my closet. Don't judge me.. I love cute dresses that's my problem.. lol.  It's so flattering on this pear shaped body! If you are a pear shape than you know exactly what I am talking about!
I hope you have Fashionista's have magnificent week!
Top - Loft via The Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $7
Jeans - Loft via The Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $12
Shoes - Lauren Conrad via The Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $10
Necklace - New York and Company ( old)
Look 2
Dress - Elle from Kohl's   $25
Shoes - Steve Madden via DSW clearance rack $15
Bag - Ora Delphine  - Mother's Day Gift
Necklace - Charming Charlies $5

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