As soooo many of you know that follow my blog I just love to find some deals. Now when I say deals I don't mean just picking up anything . I mean actually finding things I love or have been wanting
since they were full price. My motto that I got from my Mama .. if it is meant to be it will be there!  Well that is exactly what happened when I found this Philip Lim dress from Target on the rack at Clothes Mentor Ft Wayne. This dress was just sitting there waiting for me with tags and all! You know I always have a story kind of like country music.. there is always a story. I remember when this dress came out as much as I loved it there was no way this frugal fashionista was paying $50 for this dress. So I moved on and low a behold I got this for $12 and really less than that I actually sold clothes when I was there.. so really I got it for free.

I just love this store I find all the quality brands at a fraction of the cost! It's a no brainer. I have given some examples of items that I have purchased in the past . These items total under a $100 before taxes. You can't beat that!

Also Ladies don't forget that when you show this post  or any other post that features items from Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne . You can get double punches any day of the week not just Sunday!

All pictures below feature a items from Clothes Mentor. A $100 goes a very long way !

Dress- Philip Lim by Target via Clothe Mentor Fort Wayne $12
Green Dress - The Loft via Clothes Mentor $12
Lace Beige Skirt - Worthington via Clothes Mentor $6
Black and White dress- White House Black Market $25
Berry Colored Dress - The Loft $12
Green Floral Dress- The Loft via Clothes Mentor $12
Midi Skirt - The Loft $12 yellow Top $3.50

$94.50 before tax for all these items!

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