In my previous post for Fall Finds I lusted after this Bisou Bisou Bisou  skirt from Jcpenney. I ended up purchasing it for myself .  I have many skirts from this brand and I love them all. I love the uniqueness of this skirt with the plaid and floral pattern and it's even topped off with some lace trim. When I thought about how I would style this I thought I would do a simple button down shirt but after checking out my closet I found this cute little top I got last year on clearance from Kohl's. I wanted something bright to give it a little pop. I just love when I can transition a summer piece straight into the fall. It was such a bright and sunny fall day that I think the color combo was perfect and than I added my my faux leather Joe Fresh jacket I picked up for non other than JCPenney.  When taking this pictures I noticed that my recent weight gain of 12lb was really showing up in my hips in some of these pictures and than I though I would not add them to the blogpost.. but than I said to myself embrace who you are right now. I have recently joined a new gym and trying to get my healthy back on but I love who I am right now.  It's part of the journey.  I wish I could say that I came up with this myself but it was my 16 year old daughter that really spoke this into existence. She said " Mom you look beautiful how you are.. quit being so down on yourself.".. what did I do to deserve such lovely young woman? The very words I speak to her she said them to me.. It's time for me to start living it and believing it.  I will get back on my healthy track but I will embrace the journey and love myself a little more.

If you want to score this lovely little skirt there is a 10 off 25 coupon that would make this skirt $18 how sweet is that?  If you pick it up I would love to know how you style it. 

Skirt -Bisou Bisou via Jcpenney 
Top - Kohl's - clearance $8 last year
Booties - Kohl's Apt 9 clearance $20
Jacket - Joe Fresh via Jcpenney
Bag - Lulu - Jcpenney clearance $20