I am always about getting great deals and in order to do that sometimes you have to be patient. I almost never .. no I can honestly say never buy anything at regular price it at least needs to be on sale.  I think with age comes patience when I was in my 20's my attitude was " I better get that now or they will be out".It's like Frances(my mama) says "If it's still there it was meant to be" This necklace that I saw months ago in all it's fabulocity at H&M was like $35 now you ladies and gents know.. I am way to cheap ... I mean frugal to pay that for a costume necklace. So I waited and really kind of forgot about it and than low and behold I did a walk through at H&M and found it on clearance for $5. Now that's more like it. I decided to wear this with my J-lo jumpsuit I scored from +Kohl's last year and added a a blouse I picked up from the Goodwill for $2 and this frugal Friday look was born. 

Now onto getting my healthy back.  I lost almost 50lbs on +Weight Watchers  a few years ago and have seen the weight creeping up(15lbs) and not being really serious about doing anything about it. I resorted back to my old ways not planning, picking up fast food, drinking unhealthy cocktails on the weekend. I have a busy life I am a single mother of 2 kids so I am running constantly but there is time if you make it.. and I know that from past experiance. I have joined a new gym which I like and I love going later when the kids are getting ready for bed and I have the gym to myself for the most part. I want to look nice of course  and  fit into all those fabulous deals I find but most importantly I want to be healthy. I will be 42 next week and I want to be the best me at every age. So stay tuned I will do updates occasionally or maybe post some cute fitness outfits whatever floats into that Curly little mind of mine. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I would love to hear any tips you may have and of course I want to hear about those fabulous finds.

My Look
Jumpsuit - JLO via Kohl's (last year $20)
Top- Goodwill $2
Shoes - Apt 9 via Kohl's $20
Necklace -H&M   some great great jewelry finds and the accessories are additional 50% off in store
Bag - H&M $10 last year