When I walked through the forbidden section of +Kohl's  on my lunch hour ,my 16 year old hates when I shop in Juniors she says Mom you are 41 you need to stay in Misses.. The nerve of these teenagers.. LOL. I spotted this super cute Candies dress in the Juniors dept and as much as I love the animal print it was the quality of the material that really sold me. It is a sweater material that feels a little like bandage material if that makes any sense... I love the way it hangs over my hips and honey have you seen my hips that's a big deal.. I actually left it at the store still thinking about it because I am really trying my best not to shop. On Saturday I was out with my favorite shopping buddy my sister ( the enabler)  and I made the mistake of showing this girl the dress and she instantly fell in love with it also and we both bought it! Now luckily I had a $10 off coupon for my birthday this month.. yes I am a Libra hold the applause..LOL and I had a 30% coupon so it was really a steal how could I not buy it?  Do you fashionista's over 40 still find things in the Junior dept?  Have an awesome Wednesday we are almost there !

Dress-Candies via Kohl's - you can use code OCTPYD20 with Kohl's charge for 20% off plus free shipping OCTSHIP