I am always on the lookout for pieces that tickle my fancy and unfortunately I do not have the bank account to get everything I see.. sad story.. Lol.  I usually keep a mental list for things to watch out for so I can get it at an awesome deal because by now you know that is how I roll.  These are just a few things that I have found that I am lusting for today.. (could change tomorrow)  and I will do my regular and watch them like I always do so I can hopefully score a great deal. What pieces are  you lusting for right now?. Please share.. nosey.. I mean inquiring minds would like to know!

Group 1
1) Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's- I am in love with these shoes they have just the right amount of animal print they are perfect ... swoon
2) Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's- the gorgeous color justifies anther jumpsuit in my closet and yes I would sport those shoes with it!
3)Bisou Bisou - Jcpenney - this skirt is just fabulous it's scuba material with lace plaid and flowers what else could a girl ask for ?
4) i jeans by Buffalo - Jcpenney - the faux leather sleeves sold me on this it's different could make a
simple pair of jeans look so chic.

Group 2
1)Old Navy - I love this sweater I would totally rock this with a pair of jeans and plaid shirt or even a pencil skirt and my high healed oxford.
2)New York and Company - there are 3 things I love about this dress..  it's a dark floral which I love for the fall, it's midi length and it's scuba material which hide the lumps and bumps.. it's a win win win !
3)H&M - I love that this is lace and I don't have a Kimono believe it or not and it's $14.95 need I say more?
4) H&M - I love gold by first choice for accessories and belts can take a simple dress , jumpsuit or pants to the next level... so this belt would be definite yes!