With these cooler tempatures I am finding out more and more that I need some furr in my life and in my closet.  There is nothing nicer than feel that faux furry warmness in these colder months in Indiana!  Now when I took a trip to +Clothes Mentor  to sell some clothes that I no longer was using I discovered so many furry items that it was hard for me to make up my mind.  I ended up settling on a darling fur vest for only $10 yes I said $10 .. and a chic looking black fur coat that was INC that would have easily paid over a $100 for at Macy's and got it at a bargain price of $30 .  The best part of this deal is I ended up getting $55 for old clothes that I was no longer wearing and ending up getting a fur coat , fur vest and a super cute cocktail ring and still had some money left over!  Now ladies if you are in the market for some outerwear than you should definately check them out.  Why not bring those clothes that you no longer have use for and get some cash or better yet get some new winter items!  Happy Shopping ladies! 

My Look 
 Black Fur Coat - INC via Clothes Mentor $30
Skirt - Exquisite Pink Boutique $30
Top - Apt 9 via +Kohl's 
Booties - Rock and Republic via +Kohl's 

Brown fur vest -  Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $10
Dress - Old Navy $4
Sweater - Tar-Jay aka Target $5
Boots - Carsons $30