I am 42 years old and until recently I never had an idea what my Dad witnessed when he was in Vietnam and how it changed his life forever. When my Dad left home after he was drafted he went from being a  good ole country boy to a entirely different person. My Mom said he was not the same person when he returned.  In those days men didn't talk about feelings it was viewed as a form of weakness. It is now years later and I am finally starting to understand the anger that my father has lived with for many years. When you are see your friends get killed right in front of you and when you witness a child getting blown up it does something to you.  All these years and I never knew that .  He never told us and  I think what is even sadder is I never asked.. You think when someone comes back home that life goes on as usual for some people it may, but for many it never does . I think we get caught up with the physical injury because we can see it but we forget about the emotional pain that these men and women go through that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

So Dad I don't think I have ever told you. Thank you for all your sacrifices when helping to keep our country safe .. I love you  and I appreciate you.. If you see a Veteran today make sure you thank them for all that they have done and continue to do.