I can hardly believe it is December already! Only 25 days till Christmas the good news is I am over half way done with my Christmas thanks to some awesome deals that I scored over the holiday weekend.  Between my son's basketball, work , shopping and my other duties I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  So with it being Monday and the first of the month I decided to hit the reset button in every area on my life so I can have a fresh new start. 

I wanted to start this week chirping about some of my recent finds

1) Dress - Bar III via- I feel instantly in love with this fabulous dress when I saw it while I was out shopping on Thanksgiving ( yes I am one of those people) . The pattern caught my eye but the hemline is what sold me and the fact that it was 25% off and than additional 30% so I decided I just had to have it. I ended up getting this dress for $34 which was worth every penny

2) Studded Jeans- Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's - I decided I like these jeans a while ago and I was lucky enough to stumbled on these on the clearance rack for $18 and I had a free $10 coupon and ended up scoring these for $8 what an awesome deal and the fit if wonderful . I love the added bling on side make them rockstar chic

These are a few of my finds at awesome prices during my holiday weekend shopping excursion . What deals did u run across ?