I didn't do to much damage over the Thanksgiving weekend or Cyber Monday but I did get a few items that I had been eyeing for a while. Now I am not going to list everything because honey I may be here all night but I will tell you about some of my favorites. Now after a weekend of shopping at Kohl's Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to get some Kohl's Cash so that made some of these deals even sweeter . Getting great deals and earning Kohl's cash to get more deals how sweet is that?  Shall we begin? Why yes we should, here it goes!

1)Jumpsuit- Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's . I love this jumpsuit and have been eyeing it for a while as you can see from my previous post My Wittle Wishlist. I just love the color of this fabulous jumpsuit and the cut looks like it would be so flattering and it was on sale for $27.99 and than an extra 20% off how could you not pick this beauty up!
2) Peplum Top and Skirt - Elle via Kohl's - I instantly fell in love with these pieces they are so girly and I am just obsessed with peplum tops . On Cyber Monday I saw that these pieces were $15.99 each so I had to add to the cart immediately.
3)Slouchy Boot-Candies via Kohl's  now I couldn't leave my daughter out . I just love the slouchy boot style and these were on special Black Friday for $29.99 plus 15% off
4) Gym Shoes - Reebok via Kohl's with me recently going back to +Weight Watchers I felt like I needed some cute shoes for motivation to get in the gym and with these cuties being on sale black Friday for $29.99 they became mine and they are so comfortable !
5) Jacket - Fila via Kohl's - this cute jacket is another reason to get me in the gym. I love this jacket so much that I want it in every color . It is a quality material and it's so flattering. I was lucky enough to pick this up on Black Friday for $25 . This would make a perfect gift for any lady in your life!

What deals were you able to score this past weekend or Cyber Monday? Inquiring minds would love to know !