This holiday season has been different than previous years . Usually I am all excited about the Christmas season and sometimes I do have my moments but this season one of my family members is very sick.  So the Christmas season has been about appreciating the moments because you never know what tomorrow may bring.  

This weekend I thought about the little things in my life that I am thankful for . That if they went away tomorrow I would miss them greatly .  I went to visit my Mom and Step Dad this weekend  and I surprised by my mother with lipstick on earrings and a cute top . I was just leaving my holiday look photo shoot and I asked her to take a picture with me.  When I got home an looked at the picture and I smiled.  My mama this woman that is small in stature has such a big heart. This woman raised 4 kids all on her own and did with such grace and gentleness .  I admire her in so many ways .. I strive to be half of the Mother she is.   During this holiday season I want to reflect of things that I am grateful for and today I am focusing on my Mama!  What moments have touched you over this holiday season?