It has been a busy but exciting December so far and I am not even halfway through it! I was so honored to be invited to join an awesome group by Kohl's called " Yes 2 You Fashionista" .A wonderful place for fellow fashionista's who love fashion and Kohl's as much as I do. If you follow my blog than you know how much I love me some Kohl's. They even gifted me with a $50 giftcard .  A giftcard to one of my favorite stores now it doesn't get much better than that. So my sister and I were out doing some shopping and I decided that I would use my giftcard on these fabulous Jennifer Lopez leopard shoes.   Now I have been stalking these shoes for awhile as you can see my on previous post (here).   These shoes are so sexy and fashionable but they are comfortable as well which was the icing on the cake. I decided to incorporate these fabulous shoes into my holiday look.  I styled items that I already had in my wardrobe.  I had this chiffon  midi skirt that I purchased from +Forever 21  last year added a cropped summer top from Jcpenney clearance rack , pulled this together with the belt with bling that was a steal for only $10 from H&M .  Than to top off the look these gorgeous shoes.  My sister asked me what am I going to match these shoes with . I responded "Everything" Hasn't anyone told her that leopard is the new black.. duh! LOL. I could easily wear this out for a girls night out  or a holiday program at my kids school.  A holiday look made easy by Curlybyrdie ! 

How are you styling items in your closet for a festive holiday look? Please share I would love to hear about it.

My Look
Shoes - Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's $39.99
Skirt - Forever 21
Belt - H&M
Top - Jcpenney- Degree
Necklace- H&M $5
Bracelets - H&M $3
Jacket - Jcpenney ( last year)
Bag - H&M
Clutch - Jessica Simpson via Meijer $6 ( last year)