Nothing says Christmas like the color Red and it is actually one of my favorite colors to wear. I must have gotten that from my Mama .. she loves wearing red and she looks beautiful in it.  You know it is that time of year when you are out buying gifts and that doesn't leave alot of money to spend on yourself but I still like to look festive and cute .  I have the perfect solution to that problem you should try shopping at the Clothes Mentor.  I am telling you will be surprised with the selection it's kind of like being surprised on Christmas Morning.  I was able to get 4 awesome pieces for $32 now how cool is that?  I wore this look to office for a casual day and nothing makes me happier than a little pop of animal print like this super cute belt.  I think this would be great look for a family gathering or perhaps some holiday shopping.  

Don't forget you can take those fabulous pieces that you are no longer wearing and take them in for cash on the spot. Perfect time of the year to get some extra money or you can get a festive look of your own. Also check them out on Instagram they are always posting new awesome pieces that you can get first dibs on. 

I hope you Fashionista's are having a very Happy Holiday season! Please share any tips you may have about staying fashionable of a budget. We are in this together 

My Look
Skirt  -Alfani via Clothes Mentor $10
Denim shirt- Eddie Baurer via Clothes Mentor $8
Belt - Clothes Mentor $4
Fur Vest - $10
Boots -Carson's