I recently attended an awesome women's empowerment event called the Makeover Conference . This was a great event and one subject that was covered that is dear to me and that was heart disease. The lovely Denise Jordan gave a presentation about the signs and symptoms and statistics.  I never knew that jaw pain was a sign of a heart attack as well as neck and back pain and that heart disease is the #1 killer of women!  We as woman often ignore pains or symptoms because we are so focused on taking care of everyone else.
   I wish I could say that no one that I love is affected by heart disease but this a issue that is all to familiar with my family.  My aunt who is like a mother to me also attended this event has Cardiomyopathy her son my first cousin died from this disease when he was only 26. I had an uncle that battled heart disease almost his entire life and had a heart transplant that didn't survive..both of my Grandfathers had heart disease.  Even though some of my family members were born with these conditions it makes me want to live a healthier lifestyle and to be more aware on what's going on in my body.  So on Feb 6 I will be wearing red for my Aunt Joanne, my cousin Don, my Uncle Don, my Grandfathers Joe and Bob and my Uncle McKee.  Please join me in bringing more awareness to this disease and put your Red on!

Here is a little Red inspiration that you can use for Go Red day or even Valentine's Day

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