I got a makeover this weekend and I am not talking about a new hairstyle , makeup and clothes . I am talking about a change in attitude , some new pep in my step and I feel powerful! . How you ask? I attended this wonderful event " The Makeover Conference" right here in Fort Wayne , Indiana.  This event was orchestrated by two fabulous women Jil Jordan Greene and Denita Bell Washington who I had the pleasure of meeting.  We all have had those moments when you know you need to make some changes and you just aren't sure how. You are looking for some sort of jumpstart or as Jil would say a breakthrough !  If didn't think it was possible before than when you leave this event you will by certain it is!

This conference touched on many subjects from fitness and health , dreams and letting go of hurt. There were so many moments that touched me and if I wrote about them all this post would be going on for days so I will just touch on few. There was a beauty segment done by Toni Irby and Cynthia Black "Look the Life You Want" and this was not your typical beauty segment. We place such importance on beauty on the outside that we forget we need be just as concerned as what is on the inside. When Toni said to get ride of "Cemetery thinking" - dead thinking.. How often to we practice this? How often do we let other people put that kind of thinking in our mind? It is time for us to follow our dreams and have the self confidence to find our purpose. When Ms Denita Bell Washington took the mic her message really resonated with me.  We never realize how hurt from years ago can impact our life. It can affect your relationships or even the way we raise our kids. It is time for us to be supportive of other women living there dreams reaching their goals . I loved how I was embraced and felt welcomed when walking into this event. We were encouraged to mingle and get to know each other. I laughed , cried  and most importantly I learned .When I walked out I felt truly empowered and ready to live my purpose .

I can't wait to attend the next event on March 8 and I will definitely bring my teenage daughter along because I believe that women of age group will receive so much from this experience .If you are interested in attending this event please visit the facebook page here

Now in true Curlybyrdie style I had to give the 411 on my look because this deal is just to good to share. At the conference I was asked about my dress and believe me I was not ashamed to say I got this dress for $7  reg $40 from a recent haul at one of my favorite stores H&M  . I scored 2 dresses, 1 skirt , shoes , sweater and two necklaces for $37 now how sweet is that deal So if you haven't visited H&M lately I suggest you do it with the quickness. 

Have an awesome week !

The Makeover Conference 2015