What I love about putting looks together is you can try new things and you just find out you actually like it. Now I have matched Leopard print with black, tan, burgundy  and red but I can honestly say that it never occurred to me to partner this with navy blue.  I instantly fell head over heels in love with this Navy dress that I scored from Carson's some ago and had an equal love for these fabulous J-Lo shoes from +Kohl's and it ended up being a match made in heaven! Oh how I love trying new things and discovering that I actually like the results!

There was a particular shot that really spoke to me and where I am in my life right now.  It was the shot of me looking in the mirror smiling. At 42 years old I am finally at a point in my life that I can honestly say that I love the person that is looking back at me.  For so many years I focused on what I didn't like about myself and forgot about all those things that made me unique, the things that made me Mary . When I was in my twenty's I was so critical of myself hated my hair , my hips and my butt.. and guess what? Big hair , big hips and butts are no in style ..LOL!  All jokes aside all the things that I used to hate about myself make me the Curlybyrdie I am today and I like that Byrd.. more and more everyday. Embrace who you are because there is no one in this world that can be a better you than

My Look
Dress - Carson's $38
Shoes- Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's- $32
Necklace -Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's $13 had coupon
Bag- Jessica Simpson via Meijer $6