What a weekend full of excitement and a little bit of sadness. My baby boy graduated from 8th grade which I know is not high school but it is end to something wonderful and the beginning of an awesome experience for him.  He is my baby we went through so much spending weeks down at Riley Hospital when he was 3 really strengthened that bond.  It has been just the 3 of us for years ( me and my babies) and the thought of them getting closer to leaving the nest fills me with mixed emotions. I am thankful that they are moving forward but a part of me knows that the moment of them leaving me is getting closer.  They are the most successful relationship I have ever had.  They love me no matter what.. I am special to them.. I'm Mom. I am so fortunate to witness them developing into you some pretty fantastic young adults. ( yes I'm partial).

Now this is how awesome my son is he even did the photography on his graduation day... Believe me it was not without protest .. Lol .

I wanted to leave you with this.. enjoy the moments , kiss them more, hug them more, watch tv with them more..because it just goes so fast and you will long for those moments.

My Look
I was inspired by Brooke from KB Styled when I saw her in this gorgeous organza yellow look on her blog . I originally wanted the coral shade but to my dismay they didn't have that in the store. They did have it online but when going into the store this yellow was marked down to $10.80 plus I had a 20% coupon so yellow it was.. and I also picked up the black one how could I not at this price! I styled this with simple white boat neck tee and added my a long necklace (also Kohls) and my J-LO shoes and my graduation look was born !


Skirt - Elle Checkered Skirt  , Top - TJ Maxx , Shoes -Jennifer Lopez sim,  Bag -Jcpenney - Call it Spring

                                                                Look on a Budget

Thanks for reading and remember to stay fabulous