I seriously can't believe that it is June already .. WTW.   Just like my Mom always said the older you get the faster time seems to fly by and she sure wasn't lying because May is like a blur to me.

Even though May was a hectic month for me it was a good month full of some pretty awesome moments.   I was honored to be chosen to be one the featured panelist at the Women's Empowerment Series 2015.  I was lucky enough  to be paired with one Indianapolis's best know stylist Coco Cuffie  to facilitate a class that focused on dressing for your body type and being fashionable on a budget and you know if I don't know how to do anything I sure can do that. LOL . Not only did I enjoy helping other people but I really learned so much from Coco and seriously that is what event's like this are about empowering other women.

 There were so many awesome moment's at this spectacular event filled with celebrities , workshops , a fashion show with fashion by Nikki Blaine Couture and musical performances but I wanted to highlight  one of my favorite moments and that's when the keynote speaker Ms Iyanla Vanzant spoke to my soul and to every woman in the Indiana's Farmers Coliseum on that day in May . I left there with the words firmly implanted in me " Who I am Matters"  . I matter .. how I feel matters... what I want matters. Don't we as woman need to know this?    This event definitely was an excellent way to kick of May I am so thankful that the fabulous Karen Vaughn from 106.7 WTLC invited me to be part of such powerful event that was a game changer for me. I can't wait to attend next year.

 I was still basking in the glow of all the great things that had been happening with me I find out that I am going to be in my local Newspaper about my NYC Jcpenney experience (here).   Can you believe I was pictured next to my style icon JLO honey.... and my picture was bigger than hers? Ok I know I am delusional but it's fun being that way sometimes.  I know my kids are over people asking them " Wasn't that your Mom in the Newspaper" It was nice having my 15 mins LOL.  See article here

And last but certainly not least.. I have been such a fan of Fashion Bomb daily blog by the fabulous Claire Sulmers and I was featured as Bombshell of the day! Awe shucks.. this little Byrdie from Indiana... ahh yes .  see here

Now I don't want anybody to think man this girl really likes to brag about herself but it feels good for me as a 42 year old woman to feel relevant . It's like when an artist gets someone that is interested in their painting or musician who get complimented on their voice . This is my art , my voice and sometimes  it does feel good that people actually care about how I styled that $10 dress .  

One last thing before I do to bed.  Don't ever forget ..it is never to late to follow your dream. Even if people tell you .. you are to old...you are not skinny enough ... not pretty enough.. If there is something in heart that you have to pursue.. listen to that voice inside .. because just as the beautiful Iyanla Vanzant  "Who you are matters "

XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie