There is nothing like getting together with you closest girlfriends for a good old GNO .  It is a time for you to get all dressed up and vent about your current life situation all while having few of your favorite martini's .  I call it the "Sex in the City " night out.  What I love about Carrie, Samantha , Charlotte and Miranda is they all had different styles but were all so chic and put together and were confident in who they were . That is the wonderful thing about being a woman that we all have our own individual style. 

If everyone was the same what a boring world we would live in. I find myself dibbing and dabbing in different styles all the time. I may be more of sexy Samantha some days but find myself gravitating more toward the classic chic of Charlotte. So I wanted to once again highlight a "Girl's Night Out" from two different points of view with this help of my fabulous bestie Amy aka Carrie today . LOL

                                                Girls Night Out -Mary's Take

I remember seeing this dress in one of Venus catalogues and liked it but never purchased and actually my photographer friend Kim Bailey ends up giving me dress now there is nothing like a fantastic photographer but when she gives you cute dress .. oh she is a keeper .

I usually limit my animal print like I don't typically have animal print dress than shoes.. but this time I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go all out fierce with this look and do leopard print everything!  I added my all time favorite JLO shoes from Kohl's and my Leopard clutch .

                                Dress -here, Shoes sim (here), Clutch sim (here)

                                                       Girl's Night Out -  Amy's Take

I love the relaxed but sexy look Amy went for with the cowboy boots and little skirt it something that I would have never tried and I love that she thinks out of the box . This look is perfect for GNO or a date to the movies and easy look to achieve with basic pieces that you probably already have in your wardrobe.

Photo Cred - Kim Bailey at KB Photo
And there you have it segment 2 of "What should I wear ? "   I want to thank you for stopping by and stay tuned to our next post coming soon!

XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie