I am that girl that loves to release her inner princess from time to time so then when the opportunity to get all fancy and girly presents itself I jump in with both pink pumps!  My idea of a fancy ladies brunch look consists of long fancy skirts in springlike colors , heels and maybe few cute accessories . This is actually the last  of the "What Should I Wear?" segment with my beautiful friend Amy and this has been such a blast. What could be more fun that two besties that love fashion getting dressed and taking photos of looks they love... 

                                                          Ladies Who Brunch - Mary's Take

I always find myself coming back to classic feminine style and this skirt certainly reflects but the high low design gives a bit of modern flair.  This skirt was actually a part of a 2 piece prom outfit (don't tell my daughter) she will say " Mom you are not a Junior" but I fell in love with it the first time I saw it what was a girl to do?  I opted out of the crop top (or my stomach did )and added a bright pink button up for a classic feminine look . 

                          Skirt Set- Jcpenney (here), Shirt - (here), Shoes - (here) , Necklace (sim)

                                                        Ladies Who Brunch - Amy's Look

I belive that every woman needs a tulle skirt even if they don't know they need one. Amy didn't know she needed on but when she put it on.. I like she realized that she needed to unleash the inner princesses . This look is pretty but sophisticated and she is Brunch ready! 

So that there you go two different looks for a Ladies Brunch.  I think this was my favorite post of the "What Should I Wear look"   Our photographer was able to get some pretty fantastic shots even with it being crazy windy.. I mean like 50 miles an hour winds.. We were trying to avoid many Marilyn Monroe moments and well as falling on our behinds.. It was great fun and many thanks to our photographer Kim Bailey capturing every moment .. especially the funny ones. 

As always I want to thank you for stopping by my little blog ! It's always a pleasure and see you soon!

                                                     XOXO- Mary aka Curlybyrdie