I can't believe we are midway through the month of April .   As much as I hate time passing so swiftly I have to admit this girl is ready for the warmer temps.  Living in Indiana usually produces some very unpleasant winter weather so usually about this time of the year I am like a animal that has been trapped in a cage all day and ready to get out an party .

Spring and Fall are my two favorite times of the year fashion wise.  After bundling up with layers for months it feels good to wear lighter clothes and those spring colors just make me swoon.  So this will be my second post of my Spring Favorites at Jcpenney.  

One of my favorite lines at +JCPenney  is the Bisou Bisou line which is described as " A fresh Parisian street fashion clothing line "  . I love the fact that it's on trend, sexy  in a tasteful way and totally reasonable which you know I am all about that life.  

I first picked up the top not thinking I would get the skirt because I have so many skirts but I made the mistake of trying it on and fell in love with it .  I love the bohemian pattern with the vibrant pastels such a perfect look for spring .  I decided to wear a gold belt and add a pink jacket complete this fun and sexy look.  I am seriously crushing on there spring line up right now like there are so many cute options that I better just stay at home before I add them all to my wardrobe . LOL 


                                                                      My Look
                                                   Skirt - (here)  , Plus size (here)     
                                                   Top - (here) ,  Plus size (here)       
                                                   Shoes- ((sim) , Necklace (sim)

                  What is your favorite season for fashion ? What are you excited to wear? 

As always I want to thank you for stopping by and hearing me chirp about what I am loving right now . Have an awesome week and I will see you soon ! 

                                    Photo Cred - Kimberly Bailey at KB Photo (here)