Nothing like colorful and bold especially when it comes in striped form. As if this midi dress was not fabulous enough on its own I was able to score the cardigan as well because every superhero needs a cape .. LOL.  This chic look is from the Eva Mendes line at +New York & Company had me like "What " the very first time I laid eyes on it. I did wait around and luckily they still had it in my size at 50% off and than a $50 off $100 coupon. Those are my favorite shopping days additional coupon on already low prices!  Look at me sounding like a commercial but it's so true.  I was having a bad day but that soon went away the moment I put this number on and added my $5 Target hat.   It's amazing how the right outfit can turn that frown upside down :)  

                                              Dress (here), Duster (here), Shoes (here)

How about you fashionista's do like going bright and bold ?  I will tell you I thoroughly enjoy it! 

I hope you have a wonderful week  and just remember we have fresh new week to get it right! :)

                                                        XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie