There is nothing that gets me more excited about getting dressed like a cute dress or skirt but when you can combine them both honey you got me in Fashionista heaven.  As if the dress wasn't vibrant enough for you but adding the darling hot pink skirt to element takes it to another level.  There is nothing like multifuntional pieces that you make the most out of .  I have slight obsession with full midi skirts they make you feel so lady like and proper.  They  compliment most body types and you feel elegantly chic in them so slipping it on over this fun midi dress gave it a more classy feel . 

You can get so creative with clothes it just like art  you make it unique and make it your own and never be afraid to experiment and just have fun with it . 

            Solid Version of dress (here), Flared skirt (sim), Mary Jane Shoes (sim)

This look I would take to church a graduation or even a wedding. I love coming up with different looks with one piece is kinder to that pocket book and it test those creativity skills.  

I am so glad you stopped by it's always a pleasure . I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

                                        XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Photo Cred - Kimberly Bailey from KB Photo