I seriously can't believe that July has come and gone and my kids are getting ready to go back to school.  What happened I feel like I blinked an eye and the summer was gone so on that note I wanted to share my favorites from the month of July it was hard to narrow it down because the summer fashion was plentiful . I am a dress girl so for me "finding my summer fabulous " a great dress or skirt  is really what makes this girl happy . I just love the vibrancy and relaxed vibe of summer fashion it just makes you feel happy  and free .  So here we go... 

                                                        July Favorites 

                                                                    Perfect Skirt 
I had to start with this 4th of July inspired look featuring this skirt of perfection.  This skirt for me is everything. It makes you feel like a princess and flattering on every body type . Once again +Eccentric kristoure  hits it out the park with this one.  See link below and save addtional 10 % off at Eccentric Kristoure with code CHIRPS . 

                                                   skirt  (here), shoes (here), top(here)        
                                                                 Colorful Maxi 
July really must have been the month for gorgeous maxi skirt because this beauty from +Nyc Retailer  had me seriously swooning with two of my favorite colors for the summer orange and hot pink so it had to be mine. 

                                      Skirt (here), Top (sim), Shoes (sim), Necklace (sim)

                                                       The White Dress

Nothing says summer to me like an all white look and this simple but fabulous dress is classy yet sexy at the same time. It is the perfect easy breezy summer look and can be styled glam, casual, professional.. It is a must have for me. 

                                          Dress (here), Necklace (sim), Shoes (sim)

                                                                  The Jumpsuit 

This jumpsuit was such a pleasant surprise. I never thought I would fall in love with it but it is a fabulous piece that looks so stylish and so many styling options so it has earned it's place among my  July favorites . In my previous post I styled it 3 different ways see post (here)

                                                 Jumpsuit (here), Wrap Belt (here),necklace (sim)
                                                           Sandals (sim) , Pumps (here)

                                                                     Ombre Dress 

This dress seriously had  me at hello with the ombre coloring and the halter style top which covers that little pudge under my arms lol so I love it even more. I loved paring it with the Chaps Native American Necklace it just gave it that extra that made it even better. 

                                         Dress (here), Necklace (sim), Bag (sim), Shoes (here)    

                                                               Casual Girl      
I know many people think I don't own a pair of flats and the truth is I don't have many but when I find a pair that are just too cute for words and comfortable at the same time its a win win! That is the case with these Simply Vera Wang lace up flats . I also am in love with these cropped flares and add this fabulous Reed bag from +Kohl's a casual but fashion forward look is born.

                                 Shoes (here), Bag (here), Pants (here), Top (here)

                                                                 Boho Vibes
July is time for relaxation the summer in full swing and some days you just want cute and comfortable and this look says exactly that . The funny thing is I has this shirt since last year I scored it on the Target Clearance rack for like 2 bucks and the skirt hadn't made an appearance since last year also a clearance find but when I put them together they just made perfect sense.  I thought the fab fringe bag from Target set it off nicely . 

                                                       Skirt (here) Top (sim), Bag (sim)

It's been  a lot of fun sharing my July favorites I like looking back and thinking about how I was feeling at that moment. It's funny sometimes what we wear on the outside conveys how I am feeling on the inside. Which was your favorite look or is there one you don't care for?  Let me know by commenting below.

As always I want to thank you for coming by and visiting my little corner . See you next time! 

                                                          XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie