Well, another birthday has gone and snuck up on me again! I turned 45 yesterday, so I am officially midway through the fabulous 40's.  I know some people hate the thought of getting older but I am honestly just thankful that God has gifted me with another year of life.  I know sometimes that complain and just forget how lucky I am.  

I have learned that age is just a number and you are never too old to follow your dreams surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you. 

I wanted these photos to be different. I wanted vibrant color and casual style I am usually known for wearing dresses but this girl loves a great sweatsuit on the weekend also.  

When I saw this gorgeous mural on IG and found it is actually right here in Fort Wayne I just had to find out where it was located so I could photograph in front of it. I love the vibrant colors and this piece really inspires me. It's funny how you can live in a city and you discover new and amazing things every day.  You can follow this amazing artist Theoplis Smith on IG Phresh Laundry and this amazing piece is displayed at the Wunderkammer Company where they are impacting our community with the arts. 

I made a statement in my one of my other posts that my 45th year would be all about me living my life in color and I thought this location would really reflect that.  As you get older you get bolder and are looking for ways to express yourself and go after what you want and I feel like that is exactly where I am in my life.  As my great friend, Lynette Rogers always say " Fear is the biggest dream killer".  Fear has no place in my life moving forward. I will replace fear with being fearless even if I have to fake it till I make it. LOL 

 Now about the outfit let me tell you this velour type sweatsuit had me at hello. The color is beautiful and it's so comfortable.  I love the fact that I don't have to compromise comfort for style.  I can remember when I lived in velour jumpsuits I just feel like this a modern take on that trend and I am absolutely loving it.  Loving this so much I had to purchase in black also! 

                                               Top (here), Pants (here), Shoes (sim)

So how about it my fabulous friends are you going to go bold and live your life in color this year!  We have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain :) Let's be unapologetic for being who we are!

                                 Thank you so much for stopping by it means so much to me!

                                                     XOXO - Curlybyrdie aka Mary