Well here we are in mid-October or should I say deep in Pumpkin spice season. If you didn't know I am all about that PSL life and the fact that I am on the countdown to my birthday in a little over a week!  This is my favorite time for fashion and the layers and gorgeous deep hues just make this girl on so happy!  Instead of me talking about all the new trends I want to try this year I want to talk about my favorites from last year that I am bringing back this year. 

                                                         Faux Leather 

I am such a fan of faux leather it can be edgy or very chic and classy.  I will certainly rock this gorgeous skirt  from my favorite boutique not only is vegan leather but has faux fur on it as well so two trends for the price of one it can't much better than that! 

                                                              Military Jacket 

I am just obsessed with the military jacket. It gives me a classic and polished feel I just love the structure. It can add a class and sophistication to any look.  This gorgeous olive and gold jacket hs me at hello the very first time I laid eyes on it. 

                                                            OTK Boots  This girl loves her some OTK boots they are so on trend sexy but depending on the style you can still keep it classy. I love this shade of burgundy and feel that every girl needs at least one pair in her shoe collection. 

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                                                         Olive Green 

One of my favorite fall colors is Olive green I feel like its the perfect shade that can start the transition into fall.  I love it with gold in the warmer months than love adding animal print or Cognac to give it that added pop. It is neutral that can be worn so many ways. 


I simply adore this amazing color block coat and you best believe I will be rocking it in 2017. The vibrant color palette is amazing and it is a great focal point for any look. 

What trends are you will you be rocking in 2017?  What will you leave back in 2016 ? 

                   As always I want to thank you for stopping by it mean's so much! 

                                                 XOXO Mary aka Curlbyrdie