We are now on to holiday look number two.  I love black and gold during the season it is just so sophisticated. I fell head over heals in love with this gold and black little number from +Jcpenney when it was a new arrival but low and behold the waiting game really paid off. I got this perfect dress for almost every holiday party for only  $15. Merry Christmas to me a month early ... LOL

I thought let's make this a little fun by adding the fishnet socks to the look. I have really wanted to try this current trend but I will have to admit this 45-year-old fashionista was a little bit nervous. I got over myself and gave it a whirl and I really like it.

That is the thing about fashion it is meant to be fun. What better time than to try some new things over the holidays! Add some pizzaz to your life whether its fishnet socks or some extra bling on your jacket! 

When I purchased this dress I knew that I would definitely be wearing it with my Eva Mendes military jacket. The velvet fabric works perfectly with this dress I mean such a fabulous dress has to have an equally fabulous jacket what a great combo if I do say to myself.

 I would wear this dress to a holiday party. A Christmas Eve service maybe with tights and booties I mean the possibilities are endless.  

I seriously couldn't believe that this dress is $15 at JCPenney for their pre-black Friday deals.  Here are some of my other favorite dresses that only $15 through black Friday. There is most certainly a dress for every occasion and at only $15  you can get more than one! 

                                 First Row:  Dress 1(here), Dress 2 (here), Dress 3 (here)
                                 Second Row: Dress 1 (here), Dress 2(here), Dress 3 (here)

                             Dress- (here), Jacket (here), Shoes(here), Socks (here), Choker (sim)

Are you fashionista's loving these dresses as much as I do?  I love this time of the year where you can get all dolled up? Thank you so much for stopping by..  Wishing you season full of love and amazing deals :)

                                                  XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie